Sunday, 22nd March, 2020

Creative Arts and Sound Healing

"Vedary invites you for a Creative Healing Art Workshop, a mix of colours, sounds and meditation to help release pent-up emotions and daily stress."

Due to rising coronavirus cases, we must take all precautions to contain the spread. Therefore, this events stands CANCELLED.

We will announce another date as soon as things settle down. Those who have made the payment will receive the refund within 1 week.

Aparna Sundar & Radhika Gupta

Aparna Sundar

(Sound Healer and Reiki Master)

Aparna is a Sound Healer and Reiki Master. From a young age, she was learning Sanskrit mantras and singing Indian classical ragas, playing the violin and being fascinated with all sorts of percussion instruments. She truly connects with sound on a very deep emotional as well as spiritual level. She gets great joy by elevating people's lives through sacred frequencies.

Radhika Gupta

(Art Therapist, Counsellor, Yoga Teacher)

In her career as a counsellor, with her experience in psychology and a background in art, she has realised that when these two disciplines are combined, a space is created which enhances mental and emotional well being. Radhika is also a cancer survivor who assisted, complemented her healing through natural care.

What is the event about ? What to expect ?

Our signature art and sound workshop is a two- hour immersion curated to clear brain fog, resolve conflicts and reset your neural pathways. As an expressive medium, art can be used to help people communicate, overcome stress, and explore different aspects of their own personalities. Paints, colours and creativity can help to deal with emotional traumas, conflicts and confusions. The healing rhythms of the crystal bowls and other instruments help release a lot of emotional and as well as physical pain or blocks from the chakras while taking you into deep meditation. The intuitive flow of sounds during the sound bath also helps balance male and female energies, the yin and the yang. Come experience healing, energy shifts and take home a masterpiece to decorate your walls!



Build self awareness and self esteem.

Letting go of emotional pain.

Feeling more relaxed so as to lead a more productive personal and professional life.

Schedule of the day

Drawing the breath.

Canvas painting.

Postcard making for forgiveness, gratitude and self-love.

Candle meditation.

Sound bath.

Yoga Nidra.