Chronic Lifestyle Diseases

We often think a lifestyle disease starts when we first begin sensing it’s symptoms. Unfortunately, this is not true for most cases. Chronic diseases don’t occur overnight like a sore-throat or a cold. In fact, in their initial stage they are usually symptom free and only make their appearance known when the disease is already prevalent.

Furthermore, they are termed as lifestyle diseases because a majority of them are man-made diseases caused by our own lifestyle choices. For example those of poor food habits, a stressful work-life balance and an absence of routine exercise.

However, like with every shut door comes an open window, just like chronic illnesses are caused by our own follies, they can also easily be controlled and in some cases reversed by making simple changes to our life.

At The Vedary we help you control your chronic diseases by providing solutions to the principal cause of the disease while steering you away from making wrong choices. Our team members meet with you regularly to help you destress, maintain optimum nutrition levels, engage in physical activity and provide natural therapies to help you heal and wake up to every new day brimming with vigor. Regular health check ups with us will also allow you to detect and prevent the relapse of the disease.

Some common chronic illnesses are Heart Ailments, Thyroid, Cancer, Type II Diabetes, Obesity.