Sunday, 9th February, 2020


"Experience magic and opening up of awareness in a powerful 3-hour ElevateMyself Masterclass."

Hiti Rangnani

Transformational Coach & Author

HITI RANGNANI is a Banker-turned-Entrepreneur; a reputed Transformational Coach & Author, who empowers others to find solutions in their situations. After gaining illustrious education + decade of rich experience in various fields of work + Knowledge of the Higher Self, she refreshed her firm U-COACH 360° in 2014 with specialised expertise to serve the world.

What is the event about? What to expect?

Elevate Myself is a one-of-a-kind program that helps sophisticated global professionals experience high levels of Awareness & achieve Advanced Levels of Consciousness so they can transcend personal issues & make a difference to the world through their work without feeling overwhelmed by life's situations. This Masterclass is for Sophisticated Global Professionals, Game Changers, Change Makers, Lovers of Knowledge, Seekers of Growth & Transformation, and Advanced Seekers.

Schedule of the day

Presentation on Universal Wisdom : 30-40 mins.

Assessments of Mind & Energy: 30 mins.

How to level up : 15 mins.

Powerful Meditation - 30 mins.

Followed by Q&A.


"My greed for accumulating knowledge has dissipated. I realised I must live on the Knowledge, and not just speak it. Now, the real work starts.

- Radhika Porwal

Its for the first time I am focused on a single subject for more than a month. It must mean a new interest has taken birth within me that is definitely more than just curiosity.

- Kunal M