Thursday, 7th March 2019

Metabolism & Physical Exercise Workshop

"Movement is the sense of evolution."

Michael Omann

Sports Scientist

Michael Omann is the Head of Sports Science and Exercise Therapy at the world famous VIVAMAYR Health Clinic in Austria. He developed the department of Sports Science at VIVAMAYR since the opening of the clinic in April 2015. He believes in pain free exercising and has been inspiring people to lead an active lifestyle.

About The Workshop

The workshop will include demonstration of the most advanced techniques in the field of exercise and fitness. With new age techniques of spiroergometry, Kinesiotaping and Functional Movement. You will also be learning methods of exercising which will enhance individual fitness levels, mobility and strength along with unique corrective exercises for select orthopaedic issues.

Who can apply and participate

Fitness enthusiasts.


Fitness teachers.

Sports persons.

Individuals with orthopaedic issues.

Testimonials from Michael's last workshop at Vedary in September 2018

Learnt alot about the physiology of the body when it comes to burning fat. Would love if there are more workshops on physiology and new cutting edge nutrition.

- Kelly Pardiwalla

Amazing workshop. Very informative. Please keep me informed for the future workshop.

- Swati Visaria

It was a well conducted, interesting session this morning. I liked that we covered movement, metabolism and fascia diverse and holistic topics- very relevant. Would love a regular study group to keep up the knowledge sharing.

- Grishma Shah

I thought the workshop was great. Lots of great demonstrations and ideas, would definitely recommend and attend further workshops.

- Alekha Engineer