How is The Vedary different?

The process we follow is unique—our team assesses the physical and emotional components of the patient, ensuring an accurate diagnosis of the root cause of the disease.

Are you equipped to handle serious medical issues like cancer?

Our experienced team has successfully worked with critical diseases such as cancer, heart conditions, PCOD, asthma etc

How long will it take to achieve the desired results?

Each person is unique and the time taken to show results will vary from person to person. However, within the first 7 days of following the programme, one should be able to see the benefits of the plan.

How often will I need to visit the clinic?

After the initial consultation with the doctor, you are expected to follow up with the team once every seven days—this can be done face to face, through a video conference or simply over the phone.

How are you combining all the different natural methods?

We use the intelligence of ayurveda and naturopathy to diagnose the root cause of the problem and combine it with other natural methods in order to eradicate the source of the issue.

Will I have to discontinue my current allopathic treatment?

No, we practice complementary medicine i.e. we work alongside your current treatment regime, supplementing it with holistic care.

Can I still follow the programme if I do not live in Mumbai?

Yes, it is possible to follow the programme and achieve the desired results remotely as well. However, we recommended that the initial one-hour consultation with the doctor is face-to-face.

Will I need to take pathology tests?

If you have your previous test reports, please bring them with you. If more tests are required, we shall inform you.

What is the guarantee that this method will work?

The method has been tried and tested successfully over the years. However, every person is unique and the time taken to see results may vary. We promise to be with you through this process and hold your hand till your goals have been achieved.

Do you only treat diseases?

We also provide post-operative rehabilitation, pregnancy care and solutions to prevent diseases.