Letter from the founder

Dear Friends,

I always took my health for granted. In order to overcome my chronic sinusitis and psoriasis I took regular courses of steroids and antibiotics, only to realize fifteen years later that I was stuck in a vicious cycle. Nobody told me that my present actions were responsible for my future health.

Empowered with this knowledge, I revised my food and lifestyle choices. Not only did all the ailments disappear but it also filled me with a renewed sense of enthusiasm to live and celebrate life.

Having experienced such a profound shift, I wanted to delve deeper into the natural sciences and this led to the birth of Vedary.

Our vision is to be universally respected for meeting global healthcare needs by providing incomparable health programs.

At our Vedary houses, our mission is to ensure the overall-wellness and to restore the health of individuals, families and communities we serve by using holistic-methods that balance the five elements of nature.

I invite you to experience the Vedary Signature Assessment and begin the journey of celebrating life.


Harshvardhan Saraf