Saturday, 14th September, 2019

Brahma - Full Moon Gong Bath & Meditation

"Immerse yourself in a sacred sound journey."

Bambi Mathur & Aparna Sundar

Sound Healers

Aparna Sundar

Aparna is a sound healer and Reiki Master. From a young age, she was learning Sanskrit mantras and singing Indian classical ragas, playing the violin and being fascinated with all sorts of percussion instruments. She truly connects with sound on a very deep emotional as well as spiritual level. She gets great joy by elevating people's lives through sacred frequencies.

Bambi Mathur

Bambi journeys to the hidden layers of our subconscious that require attention, nurturing and healing with the help of Vibrational and Sound Therapy as well as using ancient Gong healing techniques. She is a certified Sound Therapist from the Light Spirit College of Vibrational Medicine and Sound Therapy- Bali Indonesia. Having studied the nature of the Human Mind with the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and various other Buddhist Monasteries, she uses the ancient science of Tibetan Sound and Vibrational Healing bowls and ancient philosophies to cleanse, energise and harmonise the functioning of the subtle bodies or Chakras.

What to expect ?

The synodic moon gong works wonders to help with difficulties related to menstruation and the Sacral chakra. However, it is not just a gong for women, the moon gong helps release a lot of emotional and as well as physical pain or blocks from the second chakra. It also helps balance male and female energies, the yin and the yang.

All you need to do it lie down on meditation mat. Add a pillow and a blanket and rest in a comfortable position. Relax and close your eyes and be bathed in healing vibrations of the moon gong.

Schedule of the day

15 minute Introduction to Sound Healing .

45 minute Sound Bath.

15 minute Q & A.


I am so grateful that I was blessed with several opportunities to have such beautiful reiki and sound healing sessions with Aparna. Each session was so uniquely special since Aparna tailored each healing to exactly what I needed. I left every session feeling more balanced, peaceful and an overall sense of happy relief. Aparna’s kind guidance and beautiful energy helped me gracefully let go of what no longer served me, reclaim my joy and keep thoughts positively focused on my goals. Aparna is such an incredible, gifted and compassionate healer.

- Chenoa Elizabeth, New York