Saturday, 7th December 2019


"Learn how to keep your gut happy and healthy and enjoy a yoga session."

Bhavna Kapoor

Holistic Health Coach

Bhavna Kapoor is a certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York. She specialises in plant based nutrition and has 30 years of training in Iyengar Yoga and is deeply devoted to the study and practice of healing through elements of nature.

Bhavna's personal experience of curing her gut (which had escalated to sinus, allergies, low immunity and joint pains) through shifts in diet and lifestyle gave her a clear mission- to simplify natural living for better health. She takes on one on one consults, workshops and retreats in nature to share her knowledge.

Why attend ?

When your gut is out of balance, the effect can show up anywhere in your body – low immunity, lifestyle diseases, hormonal imbalances, depression, weight gain, mental fog, joint pains, inflammation or even autoimmune disease. Improving gut health requires a holistic approach. The workshop will give a basic understanding on gut irritants, gut enhancing foods, sleep and exercise, connecting with nature and mind cultivation. You will take back simple practical habits that you can adopt in your daily life to improve your health.

What to expect ?

Got 99 problems? Healing your gut can solve at least 86 of them! In this session, gain a basic understanding of food and lifestyle patterns that affect your gut, and learn simple practical habits that can be adopted in daily life.

Schedule of the day

1 hour Iyenger Yoga.

Fresh smoothie & fruit break.

1.5 hours talk on Gut Health.

Q&A and Health Commitment Exercise.

End with a coconut yogurt parfait.


- Wear something comfortable in which you can do basic yoga/exercises easily..

- To not eat anything heavy at least 2 hours prior to the workshop. Fruits or a light beverage 30 min before should be ok.