Saturday & Sunday, 28th & 29th September

Joyshops with Nithyashanti

"A self care appointment with yourself "


Transformational Coach

Nithya Shanti is a public speaker and educator. He specializes in facilitating profound shifts in awareness for people to release limitations and awaken latent potentials for a fulfilling life.

What to expect ?

Alignment Intensive

A Self Care Appointment with Yourself Join us for a 12-hour intensive care appointment with yourself with warm hearted friends. Nithya has curated his favourite learnings on conscious living in a way that enables us to align with clarity, ease and flow. The day has elements of meditation, reflection, group activities, games and personal learning time. This session is a powerful reboot and realignment for our life energy and focus.

The Already So Process

Nithya has summarized the best things he has learned into a five step introspective journey called “The Already So Process”, which has been deeply appreciated by everyone who has experienced it so far. This Joyshop is an opportunity to learn and practice this transformational tool that supports deep emotional healing and can lead to significant shifts in our life. This will be a refreshing and empowering experience with many unique learnings.