Sunday, 16th February, 2020

Mantra Healing

"experiencing chakra vibrations through mantras and sounds."

Tristan Knelange

Singer and Choir Conductor

Tristan Knelange is a singer and choir conductor from Amsterdam, Netherlands, specializing in western classical and folk music.

He holds a double bachelor's degree in history and philosophy as well as a master in musicology from the University of Amsterdam. Parallel to his academic education, he spent 5 years at the conservatories of The Hague and Amsterdam, studying voice and conducting, graduating with a third bachelor in music education.

Dividing his time between Mumbai, Goa and Amsterdam, he is currently exploring musical practices in devotional chant across cultures, combining mantra, bhajan and kirtan with his own background in western classical and his love for pop, soul and folk music.

What is the event about?

Come participate in this active meditation session aimed at raising consciousness. Chant, sing and meditate to connect with yourself, get out of the thinking mind and tap into intuition..

What to expect?

Through the chanting of specific mantras, we direct sonic energy towards our chakra centres, resonating with the qualities and challenges of each respective chakra.

This unique workshop combines breathing exercises with chanting and sound to go deeper into inner awareness.

Schedule of the day

Breathing exercises to expose our instrument.

Om Chanting to warm up our instrument.

Gayatri Mantra to clean our instrument.

Vedic Mantra Chanting on Chakras 1-4.

Devotional Mantra Chanting (Kirtan) on Chakra 1-4.

Final Prayer.