Saturday 3rd August, 2019


"Take charge of your pregnancy ."

Masilo x Vedary

Masilo would like to provide a safe space for expectant mothers and new moms to better connect with themselves, their tribe (of fellow new moms) and their tots, to feel more prepared and empowered as they embark on the greatest journey of their lives – motherhood.

What to expect ?

Panel Discussion - Part of the Series - Sharing the Joy: The 9 Month Circle

Get introduced to doctors, doulas and lactation specialists for supporting natural childbirth.

Dr. Ameet Dhurandar: The downside of ultrasounds, epidurals, inducing labour, assisted deliveries, vacuum, forceps, caesarian births

Doula Sanam: Birthing options to consider: hospital, water birth, home birth, CST

Dr Effath Yasmin: Breastfeeding vs. buying into what formula manufacturers say

Recognize the impact of the mind, body and spirit on the experience of pregnancy and birth. Being in a healthy state mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually are essential while growing a baby. We will provide nourishment to pregnant and new moms through:

Mindful experiences.

Empowering Group Discussions.

Informative Panel Discussions.

First Saturday of every month. Register below for more details.