What is integrative Oncology?

Integrative oncology is using various forms of therapies combined together to treat the patient on a nutritional, physical, emotional and mental level. It’s often complementary to mainstream cancer treatment, which means it works alongside and in conjunction with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Classifying it as holistic healing. Hence integrating both medical and holistic, in turn initiates complete and optimal healing.

Dietary and Nutritional interventions

Food is medicine and what we ingest can very well be the fuel to build immunity and eradicate toxins from the body. When it comes to cancer, this is even more imperative, therefore including the right nutritional protocol is essential when healing. Our nutritional programs are personalized to you, your treatment protocol, background history and lifestyle. The right functional foods are provided in order to achieve optimal health.

Movement and Physical Rehabilitation

One of the biggest side effects of treatment is fatigue and an efficient way to eradicate fatigue is movement. Our yoga therapists are trained practitioners of healthcare, with an induction training specific to oncology. Through movement, we look to energize, detoxify and strengthen the body and mind.

Mind-body Therapies

It’s almost impossible to heal the body without healing the mind. This is where true healing begins, and almost where most diseases are conceived. Through targeted meditation techniques, our trainers are able to deal with the mental and emotional constraints of the mind, slowly guiding patients through the process. Along with meditation, our CARER Coaches are a support system for the patient and family members, helping them deal with fears, anxieties, stress and most importantly set goals to move forward from the current situation.

What is integrative Oncology?
Managing side effects
of treatment better

Although conventional treatment at most times are imperative, it’s toxic and harsh to the body and mind, hence the severe side effects. Through food, movement and managing the emotional and mental constraints, you are better equipped to handle the toxicity of the treatment. This also inhibits the collateral damage that treatment can be doing to you.

Increasing immunity

The most important factor for healing and preventing any illnesses is a strong immune system. This is your first line of defense that works day in and out keeping your body and mind in balance and healthy. Making sure every organ and system is doing its job, however when cancer takes over, the immunity is greatly jeopardized and unfortunately conventional treatment suppresses it even further. Therefore, building the immune system back to optimal levels is a necessity and as a program, our first protocol is to give importance to this very factor.

Putting you on the right path in decreasing chances of relapse

As mentioned, a strong immune system can and will protect you from all illnesses, minor or major. Our immunity is mostly affected by lifestyle and its essential to make radical changes to lifestyle in order to gain strength, internally and externally. This will in turn reduce chances of succumbing to any illnesses in the future.

Cost effective

We understand how monetarily depleting cancer treatment can be and we don’t want to make that even more difficult for you. After a lot of time and effort, we are now able to offer top quality and specialized services at extremely affordable prices.