Sunday, 22nd September, 2019

Parenting from 0-3

"Masilo x Vedary"

Masilo x Vedary

Masilo would like to provide a safe space for expectant mothers and new moms to better connect with themselves, their tribe (of fellow new moms) and their tots, to feel more prepared and empowered as they embark on the greatest journey of their lives – motherhood.

Recognize the impact of the mind, body and spirit on the experience of pregnancy and birth. Being in a healthy state mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually are essential while growing a baby.

We will provide nourishment to pregnant and new moms through:

Mindful experiences.

Empowering Group Discussions.

Informative Panel Discussions.

What to expect ?

A Panel Discussion- Part of the Series- Sharing the Joy: The 9 Month Circle
Planning a baby? Pregnant? Have a little one?
Mamas and papas, join us for a workshop with Child Play Therapist, Leen Godiwala on Empathetic Parenting, the importance of Self-regulation and Non-verbal communication from womb to 3 years.

Leena Godiwala: Leena Godiwala, self-care enthusiast and a parent of two teenaged daughters, is a Non-Directive Play Therapist [PTUK, UK], and a Dance Movement Therapy Practitioner [Kolkata-Sanved-CLL-TISS]. Through her whole hearted involvement, presence and self-awareness practices, Leena conducts non-directive play therapy experiential sessions with children aged 4 to 16 years that help unlock the individual’s unconscious, regulate emotions, and resolve challenges. She is passionate about the emotional, behavioural and social health of children, bringing her passion into every moment of her work with her clients. She has been facilitating the Faber/Mazlish Parent workshops since 2008 and is their India Representative.