Sunday 18th August 2019


"The Usui System of Natural Healing"

Krishna Khunti

Reiki Master

In her previous life, as a driven Political Science graduate, Krishna spent years in London intensively blending corporate life with wellness pursuits. Now, she is a qualified advanced Yoga/Meditation facilitator & Reiki Master with a Mikao Usui lineage. As a Tedx speaker she is referred to as a 'Wellness Warrior' an Urban Yogi of sorts who amalgamates her learnings and shares by coaching, motivational speaking, conducting wellbeing workshops and consulting on wellbeing around the world.

What is Reiki?

Rei- Spiritual or sacred and Ki- Energy. Ki as believed in many Eastern traditions needs to flow freely throughout the body. If we have an emotional trauma or a physical illness we acquire a blockage. This disturbs the path of the energy through our bodies and we develop an illness. Reiki works to heal the energy blockages in the body and restore the body back to health, along with healing emotional traumas and basically balancing the mind, body and soul. Reiki can be used on any condition and is also a path to spiritual enlightenment if you choose to develop yourself in that way.

What to expect in the workshop?

This Reiki level 1 course with Krishna, teaches Active Reiki in the traditional Japanese style of the founder Usui-sensei. You will receive the 4 Shoden Denju attunements on level 1. You will learn all the relevant Japanese techniques and theory for this level. You will learn and practice aura/body scanning and self-healing during the course. On completion of this Reiki course you will be able to use Reiki to treat yourself with the Rei energy, the first part of the Reiki energy. This Reiki course is certified and meets the requirements of the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Reiki and the Reiki Council Certificate of Professional Practice. A comprehensive manual and free post course support is included.

Reiki Level 1 - Full Day Workshop & Accreditation


18th August 2019, Sunday


9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Registration Fee:

INR 11,000