Wednesday, 31st August

Sacred Sounds and Rhythm

"An immersion in to ancient healing vibrations"

The Sacred Sounds and Rhythms is brought to you by three individuals who decided to jam together for their passion to create, guide, and channel healing sounds of ancient instruments to help wellness, meditation and mindfulness through sound waves and their effects on the human nervous system to help reduce anxiety levels, as well as enhance mood states.

Punita Kadam: Tibetan Bowls

Studying sound therapy with Chintan Dalal (Spanda Nada Yoga) & Aurelio (Svaram) in Auroville have given her the basis of using music as medicine. She has been conducting individual and group sound healing sessions combining it with awareness through body exercises which further deepen the entire experience.

Kapil (The Way of the Yidaki): Didgeridoo

A trained commercial pilot, Kapil took to playing the Didgeridoo a few years ago. Learning the techniques which went into playing the instrument has been very meditative and life transforming. He has now mastered the instrument after training under the best Didgeridoo players across the world.

Dr. Atul Wankhede: Handpan

Dr. Atul Wankhede, practising Orthopaedic Surgeon, a street musician, multi instrumentalists, lifestyle coach and a sound healer. He is a passionate Handan player and has been successfully working In exploring its benefits in mental health. Adding chants and vocals to the mellow sounds of the Handpan has shown to cleanse, harmonise the body in a holistic sense and bring about a deep state of relaxation. He is also the founder of PanIndia - The only Indian Handpan Community, which hosts regular gatherings and festivals.

What to expect ?

These are passive sessions which involve lying down and listening to the instruments being played. The frequencies may produce alpha brain wave states which is deeply restorative. Sound healing has been effective in reducing anxiety, stress and offering other subtle health benefits. One needs no preparation. Simply come in and be bathed in healing vibrations from ancient instruments.