Sunday, 23rd of February, 2020

"Sedaye Hasti" Sounds of Universe!

"Sound healing ceremonies using wide variety of ancient and new sounds from around the world"

Yazdan Yar and Pegah

The company YAR was started by two young Iranians who specialise in a wide variety of music and in making musical instruments; Especially Gongs! They also teach and run workshops. They do live performances with instruments and voice, music and singing and play on a variety of instruments. They also work with groups and individuals using sound and movement for healing. They do training for healers and vocal mastery classes.

What is the event about What to expect ?

Yar and Pegah weave a rich musical tapestry designed to transport listeners on a spell binding journey with their soul.They work with divine wisdom and clairvoyance to intuitively tune in to your energetic field and will assist in bringing you into a more peaceful and balanced state.