Saturday, 10th August 2019

Trance Dance

Get in touch with your inner dancer

Irma Battig

Emotional Wellness Coach, Healer

Besides being a coach and healer with 20 years of experience and an international clientele, Irma is also a passionate dancer. She particularly enjoys the 5 Rhythms as an expression of our inner landscape through dance because it offers therapeutic benefits as well as being fun! Irma has studied with Gabrielle Roth, who developed the 5 Rhythms, and her son Jonathan Horan, as well as with many of Gabrielle’s teachers both in the US and in Switzerland. She has been conducting 5 Rhythms Dance Workshops in Singapore and is now bringing them to Mumbai.

What to expect ?

The 5 Rhythms requires no dancing experience or skills. It is not about competition or comparison, nor about dancing pretty. Instead the 5 Rhythms allow you to dance from the inside out and to release the dancer that lives within you - and everyone else!